Best 3 Ways of Staking Crypto Currency

Staking crypto currencies can be very rewarding in terms of financial gains. I describe what staking is and how you can earn rewards staking crypto currencies.

5 Value Investing key figures

What are the top 5 value investing figrues used to calculate the intrinsic value of a company? Let's explore in this article!

How to start your investing journey

Personal finance, investing and the question what to do with my money is omni-present for people, especially when they paid off their loans and start having money on their bank…

Agile transformations in large enterprises

To conduct an agile transformation within big companies remains challenging. In fact, not every part of the business has the need to act in an agile mode. It definitely makes…

5G use cases and industries

When 4G / Long Term Evolution (LTE) was introduced it promised us a lot more speed, Voice over LTE, a whole network infrastructure based on the internet protocol (IP) and…

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